What is BONDCustom?

Created and Organized by BOND Events Americas Inc, BONDCustom is a unique forum for the principals of the Top 100 Custom Home architect firms in North America.

For four days and three nights they stay together, in a 5 star hotel, with industry experts and proprietors of supplier companies, for series of one-to-one meetings, seminars and networking sessions.

It is an excellent platform for principal architects to develop their firm's strategies, relationships and knowledge, within this, very significant architectural sector in America.

Marketing to Architects

BONDCustom is an unmatched opportunity for suitable and capable suppliers to discuss their concepts with principal architects and leading designers.

The intimacy of BONDCustom allows suppliers to harness the expertise of such highly experienced architects in discussing entirely new concepts and product ranges.

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Why Should I Attend?

You should attend if...

A... you are a Principal or Owner of the top 100 Custom Home Architecture firms in America and you want to find out more about the market and its trends. You also want to develop relationships with owners of cutting - edge products and techniques which will help your services to your clients grow.

B... you are an Owner or Senior Manager of a supplier or 'solution provider' firm, which helps architects to create better living environments in Multi-Family homes. Especially if you want to both learn from and educate Principals of these leading firms.

How it Works / One to One Meetings

Six ingredients are the basis of BOND Events' unique programs:

1. A world - class seminar / educational program. (AIA accredited)

2. An abundance of effective networking in a 5 Star Hotel.

3. VIP service for each delegate, from the minute they arrive at the airport, to their return transfer home.

4. A fully catered service, including meals and accommodation.

5. A pre-selected personal schedule of one to one meetings.

6. Event directory - a comprehensive resource for both architects and owners

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Seminar Program

A meticulously researched, program, tailored for the needs of Principals of Architect firms and presented by industry experts and leaders. BONDCustom 2016 presentations included:

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AIA is an official partner of BONDCustom.
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Who Attends?

Qualifying Principal Architects only from the USA and Canada's top 100 firms attend free of charge, inclusive of accommodation at the event hotel. Solution providers (only senior, executives with a national remit), manufacturers and suppliers are subject to a registration fee.

Our forums serve the leading architectural firms in the US, Latin America and the Middle East and Interior designers in the US & Canada. If you let us know who you are, we'll provide you with any details you may need to decide if BONDCustom is right for you.